Real Estate Professional - Giuditta Gareri, Broker provides Value Added Services for Divorcing couples.

“Know the dangers of divorcing your spouse & keeping the house!”

“Should I Keep The House?”

I’m asked this question a lot from my clients experiencing a divorce. There’s so many questions I have to ask in these situations, like:

  • How big is it?
  • What’s the current mortgage on the house?
  • Can you currently afford to make the Mortgage payments?
  • Can you afford to make the repairs if something breaks down?
  • Will you be able to maintain the property on your own?
  • Will you be able to qualify for refinancing, to pay out your spouse?
  • Is there enough cash to buy your spouse out?

There are so many questions that need to be asked before an answer to this question can be provided. Keeping the house is a major financial decision, there are so many factors that have to be considered. Things like:

  • The condition of the house.
  • True Curtent Market Value of the home.
  • Title, liens that exist on the property.
  • Any Immediate & Future Anticipated repairs that need to be made on the property.
  • Annual expenses for maintaining the house have to be considered.

Careful inquiry must be made by the spouse that plans to keep the house, especially before agreeing & making a commitment to keep the house.

Keeping the house without examining these  conditions or the kind of risks are involved in keeping it is considered one of the most dangerous aspects that continuously happens in a divorce.  It can & most often results in hidden debt, damaged credit, and so many hidden challenges that no lawyer or representative is able to repair in court or after the fact.

People need to know what they may be getting themselves into before its too late – in most cases we’ve seen it’s usually too late. A lot of houses can become more of a liability than an asset!

Weather you or someone you know is going through a divorce – it could already be complete, or you / they may be considering a divorce or at the beginning of the process – even somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself in the process – in order to properly protect yourself make sure you know what you owe, that you know what you own & what you are getting into and out of. Most importantly know what you may be getting stuck with – before it’s too late!

I have been a  Broker with RE/MAX for over 18 years.  I act as my clients guide and educator throughout the home selling process & during the transition of divorce & life’s major challenges.

As a professional I makes sure to help you through the entire process by referring you to other professionals that I work with and have personally hand picked that will help you make informed decisions from beginning to end. I am committed to having the process be as peaceful and amicable as possible for all involved.

I have naturally created a niche in my real estate practice working with divorcing couples and I’m extremely passionate about transforming these people’s lives setting them on a new path and future. If you’re selling your home during divorce, I  want to help you through this challenging period of life.

My passion is to educate you so you can confidently move forward through your divorce and into your new life. I will carefully listen to your need and goals, provide you with extraordinary service, and treat you with respect, courtesy, kindness and professionalism. You can count on my inspiring and positive attitude to help you reach your destination.

Whether your divorce is just beginning or somewhere in between, give me a call or email me to receive your Free Report to prevent you From Making the most common mistakes that are made during this process. There is no commitment, obligation or any expense to receive the report. Just the benfit of a Trusted Real Estate Professional who will offer unbiased guidance, confidentiality, impartiality, trust, compassion with solutions, and support.

   I go to great lengths to ensure that all information shared with me is held in strictest confidentiality, and I work flexible days and times to fit client’s schedule.

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